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Late Fines

Books and Audios - $0.20 ea. day per item
Videos - $1.00 ea. day per item

Computer & Internet Use Policy

1. Access time will be limited to 1 hour, unless determined otherwise by authorized staff.

2. E-mail may be sent and received if users have their own e-mail account.

3. Multiple family members will be allowed to use the computers at the same time, but only according
to availability of computers to other users.

4. Parents/Guardians of Internet users under the age of 17 must sign a policy acceptance form before
their children will be allowed to use the library computers. Parents must understand that the library
staff cannot monitor or provide supervision as children explore the Internet. Responsibility for what
minors may read or view on the Internet rest with their parents or guardians.

A fee per page will be charged for printing from library computers. Patrons must pay for all pages they
print, therefore, patrons need only print the pages they are willing to pay for.

Unacceptable Use of Computers and Workstations

Use of the computers and the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Only materials that are acceptable
by local community standards will be allowed. Any inappropriate use will result in cancellation of this
privilege. Inappropriate use of the computers and the Internet includes, but is not limited to:

1. Any action which destroys, alters, prevents, or interferes with computer-based information.

2. Unauthorized tampering with computer hardware or software.

3. Storage of data to anything other than a data storage device purchased from the library without
approval from library staff.

4. Violation of software license agreements and copyright laws.

5. Violation of another user’s privacy.

6. Any action which seeks to defraud or obtain money or other values by false representation.

7. Using the library’s Internet connection for commercial purposes.

8. Use of Instant Messaging services are prohibited.

9. Sending, receiving, or displaying text or graphics which may be construed as obscene, vulgar,
profane, or indecent.

10. Use of personal software programs or personal storage devices is prohibited on the library
computers unless permission is given by authorized library staff.

Any violation of the Computer and Internet Use and Safety Policy may subject the user to suspension of
all computers for one (1) week for the first offense and two (2) weeks for subsequent offenses.
Repeated offenses may result in cancellation of the user’s privileges to use the library’s computers.

11. Patrons with overdue library materials and/or unpaid fines and/or fees may be restricted from computer

Library staff may restrict, revoke or refuse use of library computers at their discretion.

The complete Franklin County Library Policy is in a pdf file.  If you do not have Adobe Reader on your system, click here to get a copy.

Click here to read the policy document.




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